When a person is sick or ill, he/she turns to doctors in the hope of getting timely qualified help. Doctors prescribe a treatment regimen and monitor the proper administration of medications, patient’s general state and condition, etc.

It should be so: doctors shall treat people, and we shall pay taxes to the state and have the right to rely on help.

It’s no secret that medicine is catastrophically underresourced in our country, it is not sufficiently financed. So this means that the services of medical institutions leave much to be desired.

Well, if children’s medicine is more or less under control, adult patients not having much money have no one who they can count on. It is a fact.

Our organization help not only children, but also the adult population. This is the most unprotected category of people whose treatment costs huge amounts.

In the Oncohematological Department of Kyiv Centre for Bone Marrow Transplantation, adult patients are treated and prepared for transplantation.

To provide quality care to its patients, the department needs some financial and equipment support.

Currently, the department needs a patient monitor for the normal work of the medical personnel. This equipment will allow them to monitor the state/condition of seriously ill patients and control their basic physiological parameters.

This is necessary in order to react and regulate the patient’s condition instantly in case of deterioration.

We have found the best option for such a monitor. It includes all the necessary functions for a reasonable price. Its cost is UAH 31 452.40.


Friends, helpmates and all not indifferent people! We kindly ask you!

Please take part in the collection of UAH 31 452 for the purchase of a patient monitor for the Oncohematological Department of Kyiv Centre for Bone Marrow Transplantation!

This is necessary for the medical personnel and all patients of the Department!

You can help Iryna by transferring funds to:


Account in Ukrsibbank: account 26005552383600, USREOU code 39499620, Beneficiary: Foundation of Direct Help CO, Beneficiary’s bank: UkrSibbank PJSC, Kyiv, MFO 351005

For enquiries, do not hesitate to call: (067) 753 42 52 Simchuk Svitlana


Account in Privatbank: account 26008052630616 with Privatbank JSC, MFO 320649, Beneficiary: Foundation of Direct Help CO, USREOU code 39499620


Privatbank terminals or Privat24: a corporate card tied to the account of the Foundation

5169 3305 1417 6491 (Kravchuk Olha (manager of the foundation)/ Foundation of Direct Help CO). The money comes straight into the account of the Foundation.


Easy Pay quick-pay terminals


To transfer money from abroad, please use the information provided by this link



All the reports on funds incomings and expenditures may be found here.




Foundation team

March 14, 2018



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