Dear our friends and assistants! First of all, we would like to thank each person who takes part in the treatment of Iryna Rikhter!


Having got ill, Iryna fell into the category of adult patients, and we all know that adults “do not need” help and adults are rarely helped.


Thanks to your help and support, we show the opposite! Iryna has already got the fourth chemotherapy! Her treatment is possible thanks to you! Thank you so much!


These days, Iryna feels fine. Although she has pain in her bones, and a pain in her stomach appeared. However, being an adult, she understands that all these symptoms are a reaction to chemotherapeutic agents. That is how it should be. She must stand firm. Must survive. Must win.


After all, her little son who needs his mother very much is waiting for her at home.


Iryna tries to occupy herself with deeds so that not to think about this and distract herself from sore thoughts.


Moreover, she is very scared to think about the treatment cost.


She has already started a targeted therapy cycle with Herceptin, which is too powerful and too expensive. One vial of such an agent costs UAH 50,075.33.


We remained indebted UAH 29,075 for the first vial of Herceptin, and very soon the second chemotherapy cycle will begin and she needs one more vial. It is + UAH 50,075.


Right now, UAH 79,150 are urgently needed.


17 targeted therapy cycles are assigned.



Fortunately, this agent has a promotional offer: buy two vials and receive the third one as a gift.


Nevertheless, even with such a calculation, the sum of treatment is huge – UAH 851,280. And this is only for Herceptin.



Dear Friends! Iryna’s young family has no possibility to overcome this difficult path on its own! This is an exorbitant sum for the young family. It is like a horror movie.


We are able to help them only if we stand together!


We are strongly asking for your assistance! Today, very urgently, in order to pay off the debt and purchase one more vial of Herceptin, we need UAH 79,150. Please help us raise this sum!



For enquiries, do not hesitate to call: (067) 753 42 52 Simchuk Svitlana



You can help Iryna by transferring funds to:


Account in Ukrsibbank: account 26005552383600, USREOU code 39499620, Beneficiary: Foundation of Direct Help CO, Beneficiary’s bank: UkrSibbank PJSC, Kyiv, MFO 351005


Account in Privatbank: account 26008052630616 with Privatbank JSC, MFO 320649, Beneficiary: Foundation of Direct Help CO, USREOU code 39499620


Privatbank terminals or Privat24: a corporate card tied to the account of the Foundation

5169 3305 1417 6491 (Kravchuk Olha (manager of the foundation)/ Foundation of Direct Help CO). The money comes straight into the account of the Foundation.


Easy Pay quick-pay terminals


To transfer money from abroad, please use the information provided by this link



All the reports on funds incomings and expenditures may be found here.




Foundation team

February 07, 2018


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